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Mercer Landmark :: Feed :: Honor Show Chow Feed Chart

Product Crude Protein % Crude Fat % LYS % Feed Form Med Purpose
Prelude™ 309 20 8 1.5 3/32 P CTC/DSen Phase 2 pig starter for pigs weighing 16+ lbs
ShowPig 509 20 7 1.3 3/32 P Lincomycin & Safeuard For pigs 25+ lbs
ShowPig 709 18 6.5 1.1 3/32 or 1/8 P Lincomycin & Tylan High energy feed for more muscle, body, cover
Finale™ 809 16 7.5 0.85 3/32 or 1/8 P Tylan For growing/finishing pigs weighing 100+ lbs
Finale™ 909 14 8 0.9 MEAL   For high muscled pigs needing softer muscle and fat cover
ShowPig Base 30 9 2.8 Concen-trate   Variable inclusion product to produce high quality pig starters and show pig feeds
Grower DX
18 3.5   TXT Deccox Great growing feed, has fed Grand Champions across the nation
Ewe Pellet 16 4   P Non Med Ewe feed intended for gestating and lactating ewes, designed to be fed with roughage
Grand Lamb
Mixer DX
33 2   TXT Deccox Concentrate to mix show lamb feeds,mix with corn & oats, contains steam flaked barley make creep to show feeds
Fitter's Edge® 14 2.5   TXT Bovatec or CTC Feed designed for heifers and steers (excellent for developing and/or holding)
FinishingTouch® 13 5   TXT Bovatec or CTC Feed designed for all show cattle - for the ultimate bloom and finish
Grand 4-T-Fyer™ 32 7   TXT Non Med High protein concentrate; 20% inclusion rate; mix with grain and roughage for "custom" rations
Full Control™ 12 4   TXT Non Med High fiber diet;weight and body condition management; for more fill at show time
Champion Beef 12 3.5   TXT Non Med Properly fortified to support proper growth and development
Goat R20
16 3   P 5/32 Rumensin Great for purchase to show for lean muscle expression.
Broiler Complete 22.5 4.5 1.1 CRUM Amprolium BMD Designed for growing broilers from hatch to market
Turkey Starter 30 3 1.4 CRUM Amprolium BMD Designed for starting turkeys
Turkey Grower/Finisher 22 5 .9 PELLET BMD Designed for growing and finishing turkeys
Product Crude Protein % Crude Fat % LYS % Feed Form Med Purpose
Power Fuel™ 12 31 0.5 NUGGET Non Med High fat extruded topdress, contains TASCO┬«, octacosanol, gamma oryzanol, great for added cover, muscle & hair
Drive Topdress
32 5 2 P 1/8 Non Med Great topdress for conditioning skin, hair, and wool; helps add dimension to muscle, especially the topline
Paylean Topdress
30 8 2 P 1/8 Paylean Paylean supplement (2 oz/day = 9 gram/ton level)
Fitter 35 Topdress 35 2.5 2.5 P Non Med High protein supplement for all species and classes of show animals
Depth Charge™ 9 1.5 2.5 P 1/8 Non Med Help with rib shape, create fill and volume.
Heavy Weight 9 70 0.6 Nugget Non Med High fat supplement to promote growth, bloom and increase body condition.
Powerfill 26 12 1.85 P Non Med Helps promote body condition while managing weight gain and maintaining muscle in pigs.

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