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What is Cash Plus?

The Cash Plus Contract provides producers with a premium or a “push” in the price of old crop grain in exchange for a firm offer on an equivalent number of new crop bushels at a specific strike price. This is a great way to enhance old crop bushels while making a new crop bushel offer at beneficial levels.

One advantage of this contract is that it can be done for any quantity of bushels; no minimum of bushels required. In addition, the expiration dates in these contracts can be chosen in a manner that allows producers to know their new crop obligations prior to harvest – a critical factor in everyone’s marketing plan.

This product helps level out price risk with alternative cash contracts that simplify both decision-making and execution. Cash Plus Contracts price themselves over a specific period of time and are simply initiated by signing up current bushels.

Cash Plus Contract—Example
Old Bean Bid $3.62
Futures Contract December 15 (CZ15)
Current Futures Price December 15 $4.14
Strike Price $4.40
Expiration Date October 28, 2015
Premium $0.18
Cost $.02 (Service Charge)
Potential Results
Old Crop  
Old Bean Corn Bid $3.62
Premium $0.18
Net Cash Price to Producer $3.78
New Crop  
Scenario 1
If CZ15 futures are at or above $4.40 at the close of trade on October 28, 2015 futures pricing will occur for new crop corn at $4.40. This could be an HTA contract or be the pricing of an existing basis contract.
Scenario 2
If CZ15 futures are below $4.40 at the close of trade on October 28, 2015 no new crop futures pricing is created. The producer keeps the premium received on the old crop bushels.

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