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At Mercer Landmark we believe that you reap what you sow, which is why we provide the highest quality products from the brands you can trust. Croplan Genetics, Asgrow-Dekalb, and NK Syngenta; combined with the right treatments and inoculants give your seed a fighting chance against diseases and boost yield potential.

Mercer Landmark has expanded its Rockford seed plant. We now have the ability to apply inoculants and seed treatments more efficiently and quickly, which means less time waiting and more time in the field.

Why Treat Your Seed?

Seed Treatments:

  • Start your seed off right by fighting off the diseases and insects that affect emergence.
  • Boost performance once emergence has occurred.
  • Defend against seed-rot, seed-borne or soil-borne pathogens with fungicides.
  • Improve chances for an earlier canopy.
  • Help protect when planting in adverse conditions.

Why Use Inoculants?

Seed Applied Inoculants:

  • Save the time and hassle of in-field treatment options
  • Boost yield potential; which means more dollars per acre
  • Expand your planting time window and conditions in-which you can plant
  • Protect your investment

Why Buy in Bulk?

  • The seed industry has come a long way in the last several years. Bulk seed allows us to increase the time we spend in the field and decrease prep time. Bulk seed also saves you time between fills (filling out of a wagon vs. dumping seed bags). With no extra steps and quicker turn around you can beat the rain while you neighbor is still opening seed bags.
  • Our sales staff will help you select varieties that best suit your field and its potential.
  • We apply the inoculants and treatments to best suit your needs, and the finished result is a safe, quality product that you can be proud to put in your field.
  • Seed can be picked up at the plant or delivered at your convenience.

Contact your local Mercer Landmark, Inc. branch and find out how bulk seed can save you time and labor while also maintaining superior seed quality.

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