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Today’s Dairyman faces the challenges of not only keeping track of “the bottom line” but delivering a quality product to kitchen tables nationwide. At Mercer Landmark we are equipped with a sales staff willing and able to assist our customers in meeting these challenges and quality products to back them up along the way!

As your dairy and calf resource, it is our desire to improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your dairy and calf operation.


"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together
is progress. Working together is success."
- Henry Ford 


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Mercer Landmark
Dairy and Calf Programs and Services


  • Calf Training Programs
  • Industry Leading Milk Replacers
  • Complete Textured and Pelleted Calf Starter Feeds
  • Calf Care Products
    • Electrolytes
    • Colostrum Replacer 


  • Ration Balancing
  • Dry or Liquid Feeding Programs
  • Supplements
  • Premixes

Dry Cows

  • Dry Cow Supplements and Premixes
  • Transition Feeds 
  • Ration Balancing

Lactating Cows

  • Forage Sampling
  • Ration Formulating – Metabolizable Protein and Amino Acid Balancing
  • Herd Audits
  • Records Analysis
  • Synchronized Nutrition programs
  • QLF Liquid Feeds
  • Commodity Sourcing

Customized Feeding Programs

  • St. Henry Branch
    Bulk Ingredients Available for Local Mixing
  • Land O’Lakes
    Purina Feeds for Custom and Standard Formulations

Feed Booking Programs


  • Grain Exchange Programs
  • MarginMAX Program
    • MercerSoy Bean Meal
    • Corn
    • Commercial Soybean Meal

Daren Fogle
Dairy Feed Specialist

Cell: (419) 230-7565
Fax: (419) 673-8815

Emily Siegrist
Calf & Heifer Specialist

Cell: (937) 417-0183
Fax: (419) 678-8675

Randy Seeger
Feed – Sales & Service

Cell: (419) 230-9832
Fax: (419) 925-5908

Meghan Pleiman
Feed – Sales & Service

Cell: (567) 510-7038


Mercer Landmark Cattle and Dairy Beef Feed Branches:

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