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Petroleum & Lubricants Manager
Joe Hart
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Joe Hart
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Paul Pottkotter


Mercer Landmark offers quality fuel products on a year round basis. The diesel fuels are enhanced with an additive package to address cetane, injector cleanliness, and lubricity issues. During the winter months, a cold flow improver is added.

The fixed pricing program is based on the futures market and gallons can be booked up to a full year ahead. The only up front money required is a nominal contract fee. The fuel is charged at the agreed price when delivered and payment is due within normal statement terms. Please call for more information.


Mercer Landmark is the area’s only licensed and approved Shell distributor,
having earned the DPQA award for quality assurance.

The Shell lubricants family includes Rotella T 15W/40, which is the world’s best known and best selling heavy duty engine oil.

Other trademark products include Tellus hydraulic oils, Spirax transmission and gear oils and Gadus greases.

If you’re not sure which products are the best for your application, please call and we’ll help you make the right selection.


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