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Contracting Options

Forward Contract – Your price is locked-in now for delivery at a later time.

Basis Contract – You lock in the basis (the difference between the Chicago Board of Trade and our cash price) but set the futures (Chicago Board of trade price) at a later date. 80% of current cash price can be advanced after grain has been delivered.

Hedge to Arrive Contract (HTA) – Set the CBOT price now, and establish the basis level prior to delivery. There is a $0.04 fee to write this contract.

Target Order – Have a price in mind but the market is not quite there yet or don’t have time to watch the market? Give us your price and if it hits during the trade, your contract will be filled.

Minimum Price Contract – Minimum Price is established, but allows a farmer to take advantage of higher prices by purchasing a call option. Purchase price of the call option along with a two cent fee is deducted from the contract price.

Storage Options

Delayed Price (DP) – Deliver grain now, and price at a later date. The title of the grain transfers to Mercer Landmark. Grain sold within 10 days will not be charged storage.

Open Storage – Deliver grain now, and price at a later date. You the farmer retain the title to the grain. Bushels can be sold for current cash price or used to fill deferred contracts. Grain sold within 10 days will not be charged storage.

Grain Bank (Feed Grain) – Is only for customers of the feed department. Grain Bank is defined in Ohio Ag. Commodity Law as an agricultural commodity under a bailment agreement with the commodity normally returned to the bailer at a later date as an ingredient of a processed feed. You the farmer retain the title to the grain. Storage charges apply to grain bank grain at the end of the month.

Payment Options

Deferred Payment – You can defer receiving payment until a later date. Deferred payment requests must be made within 30 days of delivery to be eligible for deferred premium. Payments will be issued five business days after January 1st.

Grain Checks – Payment at all locations is by request. Please let us know at the time of delivery so we can get you paid s quickly as possible. Checks can be mailed directly to you or sent to your local branch for pick-up.

Other Marketing Services

Farm Pick Up – We pick up the grain on your farm and haul it directly to the terminal. Call you grain originator to receive quotes for grain picked up from your farm storage bin.

Brokerage Service – We currently offer brokerage services through FCC Futures Inc., a Guaranteed Introducing Broker of INTL FCStone Financial Inc.
Learn more about our Brokerage Services >>

Customized Marketing Plans – At Mercer Landmark we understand that the markets can be very challenging to understand let alone follow. Our grain originators will sit down with you and help create a marketing plan that is customized to your operation. Already have a plan in place but just need some input? No problem. The grain originators can be contacted any time you would like some insight into what may be driving the market.


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