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Mercer Landmark Rockford Extruder Plant will begin supplying Bell and Evans with MercerSoy starting May 1, 2011. Bell and Evans feed is manufactured in Winfield PA at the Cargill feed plant. We estimate 100 tons per week will be shipped by Mercer Landmark feed trucks to rail cars that will be loaded at our Elgin Plant. Bell and Evans said it was the quality of the MercerSoy that brought them to Mercer Landmark. Learn more about Bell and Evan at www.bellandevans.com.

"Joe Schroeder and family have a dairy, beef and grain operation near Leipsic, Ohio. A few months ago Joe decided to try Mercer Soy in his dairy rations. The following are the comments he made about his experience with Mercer Soy.

MercerSoy product mixes with the other feed stuffs very well and works well in our feeding program. MercerSoy also fit well into the rations. It is an excellent source of by-pass protein. The cows came up in production 3 to 4 pounds of milk per head per day versus my old program. The body condition and herd health has been very good and I am very pleased with MercerSoy and plan on keeping it as part of my feeding program."
- Joe A. Schroeder

Gable Dairy is located in Putman County Ohio. In January of 2010 they switched to MercerSoy for their lactating cows. After a few days they were up fi ve pounds of milk and felt this response was from switching to MercerSoy as this was the only change to the ration and environmental issues remained the same.

Tim and Tom Gable said, "We feel the increased production was due to the high quality fat in MercerSoy and the high quality by-pass protein. We like the way MercerSoy handles and the condition of the cows and the way they are producing milk. Another advantage is trucking the meal ourselves from Rockford. We don't have to wait long. We are very happy with our decision to switch to MercerSoy."
- Tim and Tom Gable

Dale Schmitmeyer and family have a dairy, swine and grain operation near Coldwater Ohio. Four months ago Dale decided to try Mercer Soy for his lactation rations. After consulting with his ration provider, the decision was made to put Mercer Soy in the ration.

Dale said," Mercer Soy fit well in the rations.It is an excellent source of by-pass protein. Our cows responded with a two pound milk increase, tank average. Even through the hot days of summer the cows held their production. Body condition and herd health has been very good. I am very pleased with Mercer Soy and plan on keeping it as a part of my feeding program."
- Dale Schmitmeyer

I started using MercerSoy in February and saw an immediate response in production. I replaced distillers and some of the SBM with MercerSoy. Production is now as good and consistent as I have ever had and components stayed very good. My DHI reports showed a 4 lb. response or 7 lb. ME increase after the change.

The product has been easy to work with and the cows like it. I am satisfied with the product and how it is working.
- Alan Rindler

Roger and Harold Huwer have been using MercerSoy on their dairy operation for over two years. Recently they were asked to comment about Mercer Soy.

Roger said, “The cow’s production has been better and much more consistent since we started using MercerSoy. Herd health has never been better and rations go together much better with less cost.”

Harold, who does most of the grinding said, “I’ve not had to use the rubber mallet since we started using Mercer Soy. It flows very well.”

Both agreed that MercerSoy will continue to be a permanent part of their feeding program.

"I started using MercerSoy after I became leery of using distiller’s grains for my by-pass protein because of the vomitoxin issue. I consulted my feed salesman and decided to try MercerSoy and incorporated it into the diets of my dairy cows. I saw at least three pounds of milk increase and the herd health has been excellent since using MercerSoy. It only added pennies to the ration cost and that was easily offset by the production response. I am very happy with the consistency of MercerSoy and the ease of incorporating it into the ration. My cows like it too."
- Dave Schwieterman, Southern Mercer County

Keller Farms recently started using MercerSoy as part of their feeding program for the lactation rations. Luke and his sons Dan and Tim are successful dairymen in the St. Henry, Ohio area.

Luke said, "We feel MercerSoy is competitively priced with good bypass protein included. We feel it is a very consistent product that has excellent fl owability out of the bulk bin."

Regarding herd health and production, Luke recommended talking with his ration provider. His ration provider made the following observations. "Herd health stayed at the high level they have been. Production is increasing at a gradual and consistent pace. The protein, fat and bypass protein are where they should be. MercerSoy is a good, quality source of protein that has a high level of high quality bypass protein as part of its makeup."

Luke, Dan and Tim all agreed that MercerSoy is a valuable part of their feeding program.

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