Our friends at Winfield United and Croplan are sharing their top tips for planting alfalfa and setting your crop up for success when it comes time to harvest. Get a jumpstart on 2024 yield goals by planting late summer. Summer seeded alfalfa offers many benefits such as a yield advantage in 1st production year as compared to spring seeding and reduced disease pressure at establishment, as warmer and drier soils in summer have less disease pressure.

6 Tips for Successfully Seeding Your Alfalfa Fields

  1. Perform a soil test.
  2. Choose smart seeding dates.
  3. Control seeding depth.
  4. Check herbicide carryover.
  5. Control weeds.
  6. Try a new variety.

Click here to read the full blog by Winfield United or watch this video from National Alfalfa Agronomist, Randy Welch.

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