Our Logistics business unit was officially launched in February 2021 to streamline operations and enhance customer service at Mercer Landmark. This business unit consists of our 9 tractors and drivers which are consistently on the road, all of our hopper trailers, 24-ton fertilizer tender trailers and our tanker trailers.

Supporting the Entire Operation

Consolidating our general trucking operations under one management team allows us to better manage the use of our trucks across all our businesses. This team then coordinates with all the other business managers on a daily basis, allowing us to reduce costly “dead head” hauls and greatly improve the timeliness and level of service we provide our customers.

Our #1 goal in our Logistics business unit, especially during harvest season, is to stay ahead of the grain coming in to serve the needs of our members and keep them operating at maximum efficiency. This means working closely with our grain team on space analysis and projecting grain intake to determine how many bushels we will need to move at each facility. By having a plan in place, we are able to allocate our owned assets, as well as our needs with outside trucking firms.

Additional Logistics Services

Along with hauling grain, our fleet of trucks support our Agronomy operations by delivering product to our members’ farms and transporting loads of dry and liquid fertilizer.

On-Farm Pickup Available During Harvest

Along with moving grain out of our own facilities, we also offer grain programs for on-farm pickup during harvest. Contact your Grain Marketing Advisor or email Cody Mabis at [email protected] if you are interested in this service.

Please note: This program is only offered on a limited basis.

Better Trucking with Technology

We recently outfitted all our trucks with GPS tracking systems. This tracking system allows us to monitor where our trucks are at in real-time and evaluate whether we need to make dispatching changes during the day to ensure our trucks are operating at maximum efficiency. We are also in the process of putting tablets in all the trucks to further streamline our communication and information sharing processes.

Driving the Extra Mile

Our Logistics business unit is fully loaded with a team of professional and knowledgeable drivers. Each one of our drivers is equipped with a great deal of driving and industry experience and dedication to making sure the job is done right and in a timely manner. Most of our drivers even have personal on-farm experience themselves.

Drive for Us

We’re always on the lookout for hardworking and reputable drivers located near any of our locations. We gladly accept applications from experienced drivers but are also willing to train those who are looking to make the career shift to the trucking industry. You’ll always receive consistent work while helping our team feed the world.

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Cody Mabis
Logistics Manager
Office: (419) 567-6683
Cell: (419) 234-8926

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