Our mission here at Mercer Landmark is to make a difference by providing profitable solutions that keep agriculture producers and communities growing. With over 280 employees across our 19+ locations, we have served northwest Ohio for many decades. We pride ourselves on offering our local farmers, businesses and homeowners a wide variety of products across our four divisions and providing the best service and solutions. As a local ag co-op, we have a high focus on community and helping our members maximize their benefits while continuously improving our services to our local farmers and businesses.

Coldwater Agronomy has been in operation for 44 years. In fact, Coldwater serves as one of our three central dispatching custom application hubs. This location offers fertilizer, crop protection products, custom application, seed and agronomic advisory services. Customized variable rate seed prescriptions, as well as zone and grid soil sampling and variable rate application of fertilizer are also offered. When you visit the location on Burkettsville-St. Henry Rd, you can expect excellent customer service and being greeted by a friendly face. At Coldwater Ag, you can count on timely deliveries and accurate application when you need it most.

Offering Ag Services for Over 44 Years

The Crop Production Advisors at Coldwater Agronomy work to better understand your unique needs and help to build a plan that will address those needs. They focus on improving your farm profitability by helping to drive higher yields and a positive return on your crop input investments. Coldwater Ag specializes in custom spraying of ag chemicals and custom spreading of dry fertilizer, as well as consulting of seed, chemicals and fertilizer. Coldwater Agronomy is equipped with:

  • 30,000 gallon stainless steel storage tank for liquid fertilizer
  • 3,000 tons of dry fertilizer storage
  • 1,300 tons of liquid fertilizer storage
  • 52 tons of anhydrous ammonia storage
  • 60 anhydrous nurse tanks

No matter the season, our Crop Production Advisors are here to answer all of your agronomic questions.

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