Introducing – Mercer Landmark’s Guardian Agronomic Insights Network – GAIN

The Guardian Agronomic Insights Network allows our farmers to:

  • Gain higher yields and profits.
  • Drive decisions that improve plant performance and yield.
  • Receive data insights from a series of fields throughout our geographic region throughout the growing season.
  • Receive timely scouting updates from Mercer Landmark’s Crop Production Advisors.

The following graphs and charts are recent scouting updates provided through the digital agronomy platform, Agrian.

Scouting Heat Map

Based on roughly 40,000 acres

All Crop Weeds

Canada Thistle – Rebounding

As shown in the charts above, Canada Thistle is the most prevalent weed in corn and soybeans right now. The weed was last seen 30+ years ago until Roundup Ready soybeans found their way to the market in the late 1990s. For more information regarding Canada Thistle, check out the C.O.R.N Newsletter, written by The Ohio State University – College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

Have more questions regarding this season’s scouting activity and weed count? Contact your local Mercer Landmark Crop Production Advisor.