Our mission here at Mercer Landmark is to make a difference by providing profitable solutions that keep agricultural producers and communities growing. With over 280 employees across our 19+ locations, we have served northwest Ohio for many decades. We pride ourselves on offering our local farmers, businesses and homeowners a wide variety of products across our four divisions and providing the best service and solutions. As a local ag co-op, we have a high focus on community and helping our members maximize their benefits while continuously improving our services to our local farmers and businesses.

The Latty Fertilizer Domes have been in operation for 25 years. This location is a dry fertilizer facility that can house 47,000 tons of dry fertilizer as well as space for micro-nutrients. The Latty Domes are capable of loading out a single product through three different bays or blend products in 1 of 2, 14-ton overhead blenders. The blenders are supplied from 7 overhead bins ranging from 7 to 57-ton capacity. The overhead tower is completely automated which allows the Latty team to load and send out trucks in a shorter amount of time compared to a loader manually loading each product in a blender.

Back in 2012, a new blend tower and dome were added. With this, came the Kahler Automation system. The system can dispense an exact amount of fertilizer within 20 pounds of the requested amount and as a result, product delivery time is improved. In fact, the Latty Fertilizer Domes is the only location within Mercer Landmark that is equipped with the Kahler Automation system.

At the Latty Fertilizer Domes location, drivers can expect a friendly staff that is doing everything to make sure they are loaded with the right product, the right amount, in a fast yet smooth manner that will get them on their way.

Recent News at Latty

For the first time in over 20 years the Mercer Landmark Latty Terminal Grain Elevator, located in Paulding County off Highway 613 has begun loading full unit trains again in May 2021. The grain facility, acquired by Mercer Landmark last July, has been undergoing major refurbishment to enable this new opportunity for the farmers in the surrounding community.

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