Our team here at Mercer Landmark is currently working on refurbishing the Latty Grain Terminal.

Latty Grain Terminal

The Latty Grain Terminal has 1.2 million bushels of storage space with 2 receiving pits that are both rated at 30,000 bushels/hour. Over the last few months, the facility has received a great deal of upgrades in order to continue to best serve our customers and community. Some of these upgrades include:

  • Replacing the east receiving leg.
  • Upgrading the west shipping leg to 50,000 bushels/hour with more renovations planned.
    • The upgrade in the shipping leg is vital as it gives Mercer Landmark a footprint to access new markets for our patrons by being able to load Norfolk Southern (NS) 90 unit trains in 15 hours or less.

The Latty facility will be receiving Non-GMO Soybeans in January 2021 and will be offering a Non-GMO program for the 2021/22 crop. You can view the full details on the Non-GMO Soybean program by clicking here.

The Latty facility will also be accepting corn and soybeans.


What It’s Like to Work with the Team at Latty

The team that works with our Latty facility is hardworking, efficient and always focused on giving our customers the best service and products they need to be successful. Because just like within our other Mercer Landmark locations, our team is always focused on putting the customer and their needs first.

You can always expect fast and top-of-the-line service with our team.

#DidYouKnow – Some Fun Latty Grain Terminal Facts

  • At our Latty facility, we have (2) 30k bushel receiving pits.
  • The Latty facility can load a 90 unit train in 15 hours or less.

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