Mercer Landmark is excited to announce the purchase of the Latty Grain Facility.

The Latty Grain facility brings 1.2 million bushels of grain storage and is co-located with Mercer Landmark’s Latty fertilizer operation.  This high-speed grain elevator will help bolster our northern operations, bringing unit train loading and unloading capabilities at over 30,000 bushels per hour.  These capabilities will open up opportunities for our patrons, with added access to new and unique markets.    The total site will include over 90 acres of land with enough rail siding to allow operations of both grain and fertilizer operations.

This investment is done with our patrons and owners in mind, allowing us to serve you long into the future.  We are excited about the potential that this facility will bring to the Mercer Landmark operation.


Press Release – February 24, 2020