On Friday, February 5th, Monty Heiby, Branch Manager at our new Elgin facility, was presented with the Patriotic Employer Award from the U.S. Office of Secretary Defense. This prestigious award is one that is not often given out and is recognized as the highest U.S. government honor to employers for support of National Guard and Reserve employees.

The Patriotic Employer Award is one that is carefully selected by officers and awarded to an individual who contributes to National Security and Protecting our Nation’s Liberty and Freedom. Heiby was recognized for supporting his employee participating in America’s National Guard and Reserve Force and playing a critical role in the success of our country and National Defense strategy. The award showcases Heiby’s outstanding commitment to his Guard and Reserve employees, his patriotism and his contributions to the defense and security of our Nation.

Out of thousands of nominations for this prestigious award, only a handful of recipients are chosen with the honor of receiving the Patriotic Employer Award. Heiby was nominated for the award by Mercer Landmark employee, Garth Louth, who is currently serving in the Army Reserve as a Combat Engineer – a significant position and important role to our national defense. Louth has been employed by Mercer Landmark since 2012.

Heiby Nominated for Patriotic Employer Award by Current Employee

The award was presented to Heiby by Mercer Landmark employee, Garth Louth – Army Reserve, and U.S. Army Retired Master Sergeant Alvie Louth. Heath Barnes, CEO of Mercer Landmark, was also present for the presentation of the award.

Heiby has worked for Mercer Landmark for 30 years.

When asked why he chose to nominate Heiby for the award, Louth stated, “Monty has always been a good, understanding and supportive boss – something you won’t always find at other businesses when making the decision to join the military and defend your country. Monty has been supportive throughout the entire process and is always willing to do what it takes on Mercer Landmark’s end to make things work.”

Mercer Landmark’s Contribution to Agriculture in the Community

During the award presentation, Mercer Landmark was recognized for playing a key role in the national defense by getting products to and from individual farms and out to the supply chains that feed and support the world. The organization was also acknowledged for meeting exceptional milestones as they continue to invest in their employees, communities and open new facilities throughout Ohio.

By supporting their soldier in his decision to fight for his country, Mercer Landmark also supports the National Defense.

Click here to read the press release by WCSM Radio and sound bit recording with Heiby.

About Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)

ESGR is a Department of Defense program that develops and promotes supportive work environments for Service members in the Reserve Components through outreach, recognition, and educational opportunities that increase awareness of applicable laws. It also aids in resolving conflicts between Service members and their employers. You can learn more about ESGR and the Patriotic Employer Award on their website at https://www.esgr.mil/Employer-Awards/Patriot-Award.