Here at Mercer Landmark, we have always worked hard to make a difference by providing profitable solutions that keep agriculture producers and communities growing – no matter their size. With over 280 employees across our 19+ locations, we have served northwest Ohio for many decades. We pride ourselves on offering our local farmers, businesses and homeowners a wide variety of products across our four divisions and providing the best service and solutions. As a local ag co-op, we have a high focus on community and helping our members maximize their benefits while continuously improving our services to our local farmers and businesses.

Featured Location – Rockford, OH

The community of Rockford, OH is one that we have served for many years and are proud to be apart of. Known as the oldest village in Mercer County, Rockford is a rich agricultural area of northwest Ohio bordering the Indiana state line. While the town is small in size, they are big in agricultural production and have over 6,000 vehicles travel through the village each day.

The Services Offered

The seed house at our Rockford location cleans and treats seed along with handling our bulk seed orders for the company. Along with that, the mill is equipped with a grain elevator and a soybean extrusion plant. Last year the dump pit drag was updated, which doubled our dumping speed in the grain elevator – a large benefit for our customers and business.

The staff at our Rockford location are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Many of the team members specialize in seed processing and soybean extrusion. When doing business with the Rockford Mill, you can always expect to be greeted by friendly staff and good service.

P.S. If you’re ever driving into the town of Rockford, one of the first things you’ll notice from the countryside is the Rockford Mill – which can be easily spotted from miles out of town.

History of the Rockford Mill

Before the land was purchased by Mercer Landmark, a hotel/oil station used to sit where the Rockford office is currently located. The pictures noted above were taken at the historical museum in downtown Rockford – which showcases a wide variety of the Village of Rockford’s heritage, including photos and memorabilia related to the agricultural industry.

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