In October 2020 we excitedly shared the news that our Latty Grain Terminal was refurbished to increase storage space and improve efficiency. We are pleased to share that the progress continues with our Latty expansion project – including a 24-acre site development process that will allow our team to serve our customers in bigger and better ways.

Advanced Technology and Increased Efficiency for Customers

Investing in the success of our customers and their farm operations is a top priority for our team. While we have made continuous improvements at many of our locations, our goal for our customers in the Latty and surrounding communities is to develop a state-of-the-art facility that can serve as a “one-stop shop” for area farmers. Our Executive Leadership Team, Special Projects Manager and many other essential team members here at Mercer Landmark have played an integral part in the success of this expansion project – which is projected to be complete at the beginning of 2022.

What is being built?

The expansion project will allow our team to offer customers increased value and service at one convenient location. The wide variety of enhancements made at our Latty location include:

  • Tank – In the southwest corner sits a 1.5-million-gallon tank filled with 32% liquid nitrogen. This tank is plumbed to go into our three spray loading bays and 24/7 loading bay within the warehouse.
  • Warehouse – Our new 48,000 square foot warehouse building will be divided into four areas, including: unheated seed storage, heated chemical storage, three spray loading bays for chemicals and fertilizer and a fully automated 24/7 fertilizer pick up bay.
  • Storage Building –The new 12,000 square foot building will be separated into three areas and used for additional storage.
  • Office Building – On the north side of the property, our smallest building at 6,400 square feet will be home to members of the Mercer Landmark Agronomy and Grain Departments. The three buildings will be heated by an 18,000-gallon propane tank that was converted from an unused anhydrous tank at our Payne location down the road.
  • Scales – Two new scales have been put in on the east side for convenience. The scales will utilize new RFID readers, making the process quicker and more efficient for both our customers and employees. The scales will be up and running this fall, but not fully functional for the 2021 harvest season.
  • Retention Ponds – Two retention ponds (sediment and overflow) are on location. Our team has been working closely with the local fire department on this project to ensure that the ponds will be available for use to the local firefighters when fighting fires nearby.
  • Dikes – Towards the south end of the property, there will be 13 tanks inside the dikes (with room for expansion), each with the capacity of 30,000 gallons. The dikes will hold a variety of fertilizer products. These stainless-steel structure tanks are plumbed to go into the warehouse, allowing for quick and seamless processing. Outside of the dikes will be 2-60,000-gallon water tanks.
  • Rinse Pad – There will be a rinse pad located near the water tanks, just south of the fertilizer tanks in the dikes. This rinse pad will be large enough for a folded-out sprayer. When switching between crops, the rinse pad will allow for proper cleaning and the opportunity to recover.

Convenience, driven by efficiency.

Our team has put an extensive amount of time and thought into our Latty expansion project to increase simplicity, efficiency and other added benefits for our local farmers and community members. The Latty project offers our customers in Paulding County something that is especially unique to this area – an all-in-one operation at one location that can greatly improve their processes and productivity.

When asked to describe what the Latty operation will bring to customers, our Special Projects Manager, Charlie Krietemeyer, stated, “…convenience, driven by efficiency.”

Our Latty location, powered by automation and highly skilled employees, will now offer Mercer Landmark customers access to liquid fertilizer 24/7 and a process that is convenient, systematic and will add additional value to their farm.

We are thrilled to see the progress that has been completed at our Latty location and excited to continue serving our customers with top-of-the-line products and services.

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