Our mission here at Mercer Landmark is to make a difference by providing profitable solutions that keep agriculture producers and communities growing. With over 280 employees across our 19+ locations, we have served northwest Ohio for many decades. We pride ourselves on offering our local farmers, businesses and homeowners a wide variety of products across our four divisions and providing the best service and solutions.

St. Henry Feed Mill

While our St. Henry Feed Mill grinds feed for all species, the St. Henry location has a high focus and specialization in Calf and Cattle Feeds – primarily cattle feed from calf to finish. At this location, we have 4 straight trucks and 2 semi-trucks that deliver feed to the farm 5 1/2 days per week. Each month, our drivers deliver approximately 3,500 tons of feed.

Our Recent Improvements

The recent improvements made to the mill have set us up for success in providing better opportunities to serve our customers. Our recent updates:

  • Re-lined the bin floors to improve flowability.
  • Made some exterior repairs to the mill.

Serving Customers Since 1966

The St. Henry Feed Mill was purchased by Mercer Landmark in 1966. At the time, the railroad ran along the west side of the mill. Up until the late 80s, St. Henry was a full agronomy branch. During the same time, the mill began to mix feed for all species and deliveries were all made with one 3-bin feed truck. In 1998, the current office building was purchased from Rutschilling, Inc.

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