We are excited to share the first yield data report of the 2022 season. This yield data report is for a farm located just outside of Huber Heights. We will continue to share more information and reports as we receive elevation data, stand counts, NDVI and NDRE data that we are currently sorting through by product. Please note – this location moves up in elevation as you move west and south in the farm ground. This means that the early season products were at a slight disadvantage from an elevation stand point.

Performance data highlights:

  • 2022 DKC class of products: 225.7 bu/ac, 9.3 bu/ac advantage over Pioneer, $53.48/ac advantage or $123/bag advantage
  • DKC Top 5 forecasted: 222 bu/ac, 5.6 bu/ac advantage over Pioneer, $32.20/ac advantage or $74/bag advantage
  • Pioneer: 216.4 bu/ac
  • DKC105-35: Tops were coming out as you moved west into more stressed environments; however, performance was exceptional for an early season product to keep up with the later season hybrids.
  • DKC111-35: Performance held strong across environments even as it moved west into more stress.
  • DKC66-06: Top performing product in both environments. Awesome stay green and intactness.
  • DKC68-35: Strong performance across environments as well.


We are continuing to process more yield data reports and will share them with you as we have them. Have questions or want to learn how you can take advantage of our agronomic knowledge and increase yields in the next growing season? Contact your local Mercer Landmark CPA today.