We are extremely excited to announce the uniting of two regional premier feed suppliers into a single operating company, allowing us to better service and support the producers in Ohio and Indiana.

The leadership at Mercer Landmark and Sunrise Cooperative have agreed to form a new company that will manage and operate both existing feed businesses as a single entity.

The new company, to be named later, will be jointly owned by Mercer Landmark and Sunrise Cooperative. Mercer Landmark will be the managing partner and responsible for operations and administration, much like our role at MPS.

MPS is not included in this new company and will continue to operate separately. However, with Mercer Landmark being managing partner of both companies, this will significantly strengthen our purchasing position for ingredients and grain, providing benefits for all our customers

Increased Value and Service for Our Customers

Bringing together the best talent and knowledge in the business to serve our customers with over 250 years of combined experience.

  • Experts in Swine Alignment Systems
  • Calf/Heifer Specialist and Cattle focused recommendations
  • Geographically positioned for growth in key markets

Establishes our new company as the most efficient, convenient, and cost competitive provider for dairy and swine toll milling in our region. Species specific manufacturing and sales focus will expand and enhance our ability to offer a broader base of ingredients for individual rations.

Growing a Stronger Future with the Facts

Existing 400,000 tons of annual feed manufacturing volume and 350,000 tons of additional capacity establishes our new company as leaders in our region and ensures our future success. Combined manufacturing (including MPS) of approximately 1M tons strengthens our position as preferred ingredient purchasers, which creates value for our customer’s operations.

  • 80,000 tons of soybean meal
  • Over 100,000 tons of DDG’s
  • Over 20M bushels of corn

Leveraging of the best capital assets from both parent companies while limiting the need for separate, overlapping capital investments to upgrade and expand facilities and equipment.

  • 34 semi tractors, trailers, straight trucks – feed delivery fleet
  • 4 feed manufacturing facilities

Accelerated growth and expansion supported by 2 financially strong partner cooperatives. Realization of $1,000,000 in synergies derived from operational efficiencies, centralized procurement, and expense control.

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If you have questions, contact your local Mercer Landmark Advisor.