MPS Feed Mill to Open in St. Henry, OH – Spring 2020

Mercer Landmark is excited to announce the anticipated opening of MPS Feed in the spring of 2020. The team at Mercer Landmark has been working diligently to prepare for the opening of the new facility, which will be located in St, Henry Ohio. MPS Feed is a state-of-the-art mega feed mill capable of manufacturing some of the most nutritious feed our area has to offer. The feed produced at MPS Feed will be of the highest quality and highest volumes – day in and day out.

Structure of the MPS Feed Mill

MPS Feed will have fully automated receiving systems. These systems will have dedicated inbound and outbound scales and highspeed receiving systems to provide a streamlined and efficient delivery experience to Mercer Landmark’s suppliers of bulk ingredients. The bulk handling at MPS Feed will consist of application specific conveyance systems from the premier equipment providers to the feed industry.

Processing and mixing systems at MPS will utilize cutting edge grinding and mixing technology to consistently provide the highest quality feed to Mercer Landmark’s partners and customers. The onsite load out system has been designed with substantial surge capacity. The system is fully automated with two bays. Each bay has its own dedicated truck scale to provide the shortest possible turnaround times, as well as a consistent and reliable service to both partners and customers alike.

We are looking forward to the opening of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to enable us to be the best business partner to our clients/partners. Our goal here at Mercer Landmark is to provide the best feed source for YOUR farm, and we are grateful for this new addition to continue with that tradition. You deserve the best, and we are here to help provide it.

If you have specific questions about the new MPS Feed Mill, contact us here.